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Photos 2003

The Chapter Brick
Located at Ames Baptist Church
At the bass of the flag pole

Charlene 's Fireing Squad
Left to Right; Charlene Ellender, Ronnie Hebert, Sam Manzella,
Dennis Andras,  Frank Adams, Cliff Hamack, & Olden Ledet

The Wall
The Traveling Wall  in Harvey Louisiana

Fireing Squad and Color Grurd Members with Ms. Mimi and her

Laffitte Seafood Festival
Cliff Hamhack, Linda Cheramie, Butch Cheramie, Ronnie Hebert,
Mayor Kerner of Laffitte, Olden Ledet

POW / MIA Day at Norbert Rillieux School
Steve, Tommy, & Ronnie.
Charlene is just out of the picture, holding the paper

Steve and Tommy holding wooden plaque made by Tommy
Our young Pow /Mia tree at Rillieux

Our food booth at the Gretna Hertiage Festival
Linda Cheramie & Kathy Andras

Color Gaurd on the Mississippi River
Pow/Mia flag-Olden Ledet, Vietnam fflag-Butch Cheramie

Steel Pony Express
Olden Ledet, Ronnie Hebert, & Butch Cheramie
"The 911 Fireman Bike"

"The POW / MIA Bike"

The builder of the two bikes being presented a Plaque by
Olden Ledet, Paul, Butch Cheramie

Thanksgiving at the Hall

Bell Chass High School for Veterans Day

Meal presented to attending Vets at Bell Chasse High School
Butch, Miguel, a friend, Olden

Group shot of Chapter members and one mom attending