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8Dec 01 , Marrero,LA.  Christmas / Awards  Banquet
" Congratulations Rachel "

Our Schoralship Winner, Miss. Rachel Cox

Rachel and Her Support Team, Mom & Dad --- Elaine and Michel ---

Our Gold Star Mother Ms. Mimi, Rachel & Her Certificate

Rachel and Ms. Mimi, holding the 2nd & 3rd Place Prizes for Our Raffle

Prizes made & donated by our Gold Star Mother, Ms. Mimi

The Moving Wall

Veteran's Day, Gonzales, La. 11 Nov.2001

Moving Wall, Veterans memorial Park, Gonzales, La.

Can You Find Dennis ?
Guess In Attendance Of Veterans Day Program

A V V A  Wreath Presented By Gennie & Kathy
V V A Wrearh Presented By Butch & Ronnie
Presentation Of Wreaths

In Honor Of All Those Who Have Gone Before Us
" The Table Of Remembrance "

Veterans Day Celebration

Lafitte,LA. 2001

V V A 553's  Color Guard
" Presentation Of Colors "

Ronnie J , Butch, and Olden
"Color Guard Members & Officer"

Huey Helicopter Display

Special Award Presented To, Vietnam Veteran Of America
Lifetime member, Mr. Olden Ledet

Flag Day

Belle Terre Library, Marrero, La. 6 Jun. 2001

Your pres. in charge !

Group Picture
Flag Day at Belle Terre Library

Vice Pres. Mrs. Charlene Ellender
with some one on one.

Board member & newspaper editor, Mr. Olden Ledet
overlooking a flag day reading.

Helping Others

Mr. Odell Larson
Air Force, friend & neighbor
making use of his new ramp.

( Mr. Larson sent us this card )

Mr. Larson, on behalf of everyone in Chapter 553, You are very welcome.

Chapter Picnic & Swearing In Of New Officers
Bayou Segnette State Park, Jun.2001
John McCulley
Members & Friends Enjoying a Beautiful Day

Leroy and Jim
Good Food

Good Friends

Friends & Family
Let's Eat !

Swearing In Ceremony
New Officers & New Board Members Jun.2001
Olden, Authur Tommy, Charlene, Ronnie H , Ronnie J , Leroy and Jack

Past President Jack Woynowski Presiding

Olden, Authur, Tommy, Charlene, Ronnie H , Ronnie J , and  Leroy

New Officers, Board Members & Sergeants-at-Arms
Taking Oath of Office

Olden, Authur, Jack, Tommy, and Ronnie
Presentation of Past President's Plaque to Jack Woynowski for a Job Well Done

Olden, Authur, Tommy, Charlene, Ronnie H , and Ronnie J.
Presentation of Plaque to Ronnie Jacobs

Olden, Authut (hidden), Tommy, Ronnie, and Charlene

Presentation of Plaque to Olden Ledet
Thanks, to Everyone,