Manuel C Barthelemy,
Our Newest Chapter Member & Friends
Christmas 17 December 2002

We had a wonderful surprise,
live entertainment before we sat down to eat.

This is not half of the people in attnedance.
I apologize for not having a good group shot.

New Orleans Gun & Knife Show
Membership Drive (23 & 24 November 2002)

Belle Chasse High School's
Veterans Day Celebration
22 November 2002

This was a great chance for living history of Vietnam.
Thanks to Louis Seymour (in country Vetinam Veteran)
Olden Ledet and Ronnie Hebert provided "Back-Up"

Thanksgiving Dinner
Group shot before all of the guest arrived
19 November 2002

N'awlins Air Show
25,26, & 27 October 2002

Senior Expo
17 October, 2002
Sam doing his thing, talking and handing out fliers.

Our Impressive Display
" the table and flags"

Westwego Library

3 July 2002

Independence Day Presentation

Presentation of The Flag

All Stand For The Pledge Of Allegiance

Presentation Of Our Many Display Items

A Good Fit For Our Steel Pot

Our Group Photo
The End

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